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Title: 'WomenEntrepreneurship Development Programme'



  1. The main motto of the programme is the promotion of start-up and development of entrepreneurial skill.
  2. To spread awareness of government scheme and opportunities available in local market to establish their own enterprise.
  3. To create an awareness of complexities of business system to provide interaction of the man- machine system.
  4. To expose the impact of economic, socio and cultural factors of an organization.
  5. To strengthen economical status by providing entrepreneur training and project preparation and also strengthen personality development through psychological methods.
  6. To facilitate the information of fund provision from government and non government institution for selection and establishment of micro and small scale industries.


Context: Womenentrepreneur development program (WEDP) is a program which helps in developingthe entrepreneurial abilities of women. An entrepreneur has to be creative. Hehas to arouse and enhance creativity, experienced, competition not only withothers but also the standards of excellence set for himself. An entrepreneurmay face several problems while managing small scale and medium scaleenterprises. This program acquaint them with several qualitative andquantitative approaches evolved in management science to help solve problems.They are trained to understand, the environment, resources, capacities,limitations, strengths and weaknesses to design the right approach. To fulfilthe above mentioned objectives this program is scheduled for four weeks free ofcost. The program consists of structured training process to develop anindividual as an entrepreneur.



  1. The programs were conducted with the help of professional and eminent personalities of the state, working for its promotion.
  2. Women entrepreneurship development program is organized under the sponsorship of entrepreneurship Development Institution Ahmadabad (Gujarat) for National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST) Government of India, New Delhi.
  3. Program start with soft skills classes for entrepreneurs then taught them how to plan a micro small-scale unit and whom to approach for what. The trainees also get opportunity to know the costing and pricing of products, marketing management etc.


  1. Only science streams girls students.
  2. 18-35 age limit (for SC-ST category age limit is 45).
  3. Who can establish their own micro and small scale industries.


Problems encounteredand Resources Required:

  1. Sponsorship programs are limited and for the specific students only.
  2. Women entrepreneurship is not possible without the support of environmental support scenario whether it is family support or institutional support.
  3. Women in India still have hesitations to choose bold decision when it comes to carrier of their own and start-up of own enterprise needs to be boosted therefore to change the whole scenario.
  4. Before training and after training regular follow-up is must because after training their medication goes down if they don’t get further support due to practical challenges faced by a woman.