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Title : ‘Mor Noni’Scheme : an educational aid scheme

S.No. Examination Year  No Of Students Benefitted Amount Distributed
1 2018 37 41,570
2 2019 4 6745


  1. To help the girls students of the institution in attaining higher education by providing them fees of admission and exams so that they also have bright future.
  2. To develop confidence among such students that they will always get financial support from that professor who is her guardian.
  3. To inculcate additional sense of responsibility in those professor who became guardian by will.
  4. To spread the message in the society that the professors of institution are also caring and supportive towards their students.


Context: About 2600 students are gettingeducation from the institution who come from rural areas and their financialbackground is also very weak. Such students are financially benefitted fromsome private institutes in their upbringing. This time professors group alsocame forward to help such students they think that if others can help ourstudents then why not they? This help will brighten the future of such studentswho are not able to complete their higher studies due to lack of money. Somaximum professors have adopted at least one student and taken responsibilityfor admission fees, examination fees. Not only this, they also take initiativesin solving their problems.


Practice: Chhattisgarh is one of the newly created states of India. As C.G was the partof Madhya Pradesh long time, so desired results have not been attained so farin higher education percentage of CG. Higher education of girls is low ascompared to average percent of the country. Financial problem is one of thereasons behind this.

This scheme has been launched withthe objective to give chance to such girl students for higher education who maydeprive off due to financial problem. The professors of the institution want tofinancially support the students for attaining the higher degrees.

The important part of this schemeis that each professor will adopt at least one girl student and will provideher full support throughout the year. Besides giving her financial support, theprofessor will act as a mentor also. So the student is free to discuss herproblems and to take suggestions. This is an example of best innovativepractice where a student feels secured in every way in the institution in andrespective professor also feel responsible towards such adopted students.


Limitations: Under the mor noni yojana scheme approximate 40-5- students per year motivatedsupported by the professors who take such responsibility. This figure is lessas professors are also having their limitations.


Evidenceof success: In this section students were givenamount of their exam fees. Forty students were benefitted financially and alsogot counselling which results in attaining better result, peaceful educationallife. Those students, who are forced to break their studies due to non paymentof fees, were also able to complete their studies and attend higher educationdegree. From the next session the number will get increased and they will getadmission and exam fees from their respective professors.


ProblemsEncountered & Resources Required: The object of the scheme could be fulfilled only when all the professors willaccept the scheme with core of the heart (i.e. wilfully). Purpose will not befulfilled just by providing them amount of fees but professors are alsorequired to counsel them time to time and provide them other resources such astext books, reference books, notes, other study materials etc.

It was very difficult to takeconsent from the professors. So they have been told that if other institutionsare ready to support on students then why we as a guardian or mentor could notsupport them?





S.No. Year No Of Students Benefitted Amount Distributed
1 2015-16 55 49,660
2 2016-17 88 1,00,035
3 2017-18 115 1,31,880
4 2018-19 60 68825

OBJECTIVE This yojana has been started with the following objectives.

1.        To give financial aidto those girl students who belong to low income group families.

2.        To benefit thosestudents who did not get any other scholarship and financial help.

3.        To help handicappedstudents.

4.        To help the girlstudents in giving respectable position in the society.

5.        The main object behindthis yojana is to help those students who are deprived of attaining highereducation due to finance.

CONTEXTIn today's era, each girl student has a right to get higher education afterattaining the basic education, so that they become self earner. This yojana hasbeen started with the motive to provide financial aid to those students who areunable to pay their fees due to financial problem. Approximately 70% of theadmitted students belong to low income group family, so it becomes verychallenging to short list the student according to the amount sanctioned  by Agrawal Samaj. After giving them financialaid at the time of admission they have again to be freed for examination fees.The remaining needy students who are deprived from this facility are also tothe satisfy which a great challenge for the committee.

PRACTICE This yojanais aided by Agrawal Society of Durg. Under the ambit of this yojana, financialaid is provided to the girl students belonging to weaker section or low incomegroup and not getting scholarship from any other sources. To acquaint thestudents with this yojana, a notice is displayed. Students have to fillup aform with parent's signature. Form is to be attached with income certificate,previous class certificate & declaration by parent that no scholarship is receivedfrom any other sources. On the basis of the amount received by "AgrawalSociety" students of all the streams are short listed . A committee  for distribution of the amount among the 4faculty of the college. All the short listed students have to produce all their mark sheets & certificates along with the application.


On the recommendation of selection committee the selected students get financial help for admission & examfees. A kit is also provided to such students. At the mean time if more fundsare received, then workshops training programmes etc. are also organized forall the interested candidates. Agrawal society is also ready to provide aidtowards physical infrastructure of the college.


LIMITATIONSThe amount sanctioned by the Agrawal society for MATA MADHAVI BALIKA YOJANA is Rs. 150000/-  which seems to be smaller as compared to thenumber of needy students.


PROBLEMSENCOUNTERED & RESOURCES REQUIRED Mainmotive of this yojana is to motivate such girls students for higher educationwho are unable to pay their fees. The amount sanctioned is insufficient tosatisfy all the needy students.  Andagain for the next year the same amount or more than that is required. Sometimesit become a great problem to sanction the same or required amount . To select agroup a student for such facility is also a difficult task.

            Everyyear approximately 100 students are listed for this yojana and the amount of250000/- is required. For this yojana some more organizations are required tocome for work to help such students.